Rate it! is currently a 100% free service with new review functionality

An exciting new online tool which allows visitors to your website to rate your products and services, or even just the website itself! As an example of how simple and effective this system is, you can even use the Rate It! tool to rate this site and let other people know what you think of it!

With so many websites offering similar services, products, layouts and articles, it's becoming ever-more important for users to know immediately which sites offer the best solutions, no matter what they might be looking for. With the Rate It! tool on your site, you would be giving your customers a unique opportunity to share their opinions with each other and allowing them to quickly assess whether or not your site can meet their needs.

Whether you would like feedback on your website as a whole, or you would prefer to break the feedback down to separate sections or even individual articles, with the Rate It! tool it really is possible to get as detailed an assessment as you want! Beyond the basic 5-star rating, which can be made visible to all who visit your site/web page, we can also offer Surveys for your customers to complete or a Testimonial Page for people to explain their rating.

As if all that isn't enough, we can also offer other services, including help with your FAQ pages or Help documentation, and assistance with any spamming problems which might be troubling your contact tools. See our "Products" section for more information on how we might be able to help.

So, why not give it a try? The boxes on the bottom of this page are examples of all that's required to let people know what you think of our site, and what we have to offer. Simply click on one of the examples to give your rating!

Once you've done that, if you think you'd like to let your customers have their say, just register to create your free account.

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10th March 2011
Important functionality changes made

Recoding of the accounts system begins

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